Who Are Virtual Clinical?

Based in London, UK with easy outreach to Europe, we are a large team of mainly freelance personnel, that have worked together over many years on a variety of clinical studies. The company was founded by Mark Thomas (previously founding Director and Board Member of Medium sized global CRO) and has the added value of working operationally on studies since 1996. There are 2 distinct halves to our company;

1. Bespoke CRO – primarily involving the set up and management of European clinical studies

Evolved from provisioning of clinical research staff to become a small CRO in 2016, we manage phase I-V CTIMP and medical device studies of all sizes across Europe with unparalleled success, having rescued several studies from larger CROs, delivering on time, on budget and with 100% client satisfaction. The company’s foundation is built upon a well audited Quality Management System (QMS) with SOPs that Sponsors can rely on to run their clinical studies in Europe. Our core skill set has traditionally been the set up, management and monitoring of studies, to include regulatory submissions throughout Europe. Over recent years we have been asked to add further services to include Data Management, Statistics, Medical Writing, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Monitoring, by engaging with our trusted and well respected partners, all under 1 single contract with the client.

2. Provision of European CRAs (Monitors) and Project Managers for global Sponsors to work with them on their clinical studies.

From 1998 this service has been central to our business. We don’t just supply CRAs and Project Managers, but we are often asked by Sponsors to oversee and manage their activities to help ensure their quality. We assist Sponsors and other CROs to ensure they are provided with the right freelancer, with the right experience, at the right location, at the right budget and at the right time. A service that goes far beyond what a recruitment agency could provide. We also ensure that each CRA and Project Manager has up to date GCP/Medical Device training and adequate insurance. We pride ourselves on the fact that our team members have all worked for many years in their respective area. Our team members rarely have less than 10 years’ experience in their specialist area.

    Services Provided

    • Phase I-IV clinical studies
    • Medical Device Studies
    • Rescue Studies
    • Coverage throughout Europe
    • Provision of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Clinical Project Managers, Regulatory Submission experts, contract and budget facilitators
    • Site monitoring visits
    • Local feasibility studies
    • Co-monitoring and oversight