A innovative clinical research organisation is making waves across the industry with the introduction of an innovative new virtual helpdesk service designed to improve efficiency while simultaneously enhancing key stakeholder satisfaction and facilitating more positive trial perception. In doing so, Virtual Clinical, a specialist CRO working with global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, has become one of the first in the world to offer a truly comprehensive helpdesk solution covering all trial functions, rather than just a single aspect of the trial.

The Virtual Clinical helpdesk solution provides clinical teams with a universal point of contact via a variety of communication methods including web, email and toll-free phone number. Managed by experts from clinical backgrounds to ensure accurate and sound responses, all first line enquiries can be handled efficiently and effectively by dedicated support staff supplied by the company, including protocol procedures, medical, regulatory, and technology questions, and lab questions and procedures. The helpdesk is designed to help researchers derive more value from their most important resources.

Mark Thomas CEO of Virtual Clinical said, “One of the biggest challenges in the biotech and pharma industries right now is that clinical trial design is becoming increasingly complex as organisations work to create enhanced drugs to treat conditions more effectively than ever before. As an innovative CRO, we’ve seen firsthand how today’s clinical teams are struggling to manage their trials while also fielding the rising number of technology questions, regulatory questions, medicals questions and more that flood in.

“Through designing a broad range of virtual helpdesk services, we’re freeing up key team members to focus on the core aspects of their trial, resulting in improved efficiency, a better service for participants, and greater transparency for stakeholders. This really is a major game changer for biotech and pharma businesses all around the world.”

Virtual Clinical’s support systems facilitate better day-to-day management of the trial at hand. For trials operating across two or more countries, or multiple time zones, the CRO has introduced an advanced ticketing system that shares real time communication data with all key members of the team. And for more complex enquiries, systems are in place to escalate these questions directly to the clinical team for timely responses.

The revolutionary virtual helpdesk is just one of a variety of services offered by the growing CRO. Virtual Clinical is also known for its provision of highly skilled virtual clinical associates, its virtual CRO services, and its management of decentralised virtual clinical trials which remove some of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of success, including costs and patient burden.

To find out more about Virtual Clinical, visit www.virtual-clinical.com