Virtual Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)

Results Driven Virtual Clinical Research Organization

Clinical trials are changing. Through new processes, improved guidance, and a growing trend for the inclusion of underrepresented demographics and cultures, these changes are making waves across the industry and are facilitating the development of more effective vaccines, safer treatments, and new, innovative therapies that are transforming people’s lives and contributing towards improved life expectancies.

However, at Virtual Clinical we understand that these changes to operational processes haven’t fully eradicated issues within the industry; they’ve simply created a new set of challenges that research teams need to tackle. Challenges such as finding teams with knowledge of local legislation, identifying suitable sites in unfamiliar territory, and monitoring findings and results not just on a national scale, but on a global scale.

At a time when clinical research is becoming increasingly complex, teams are beginning to realize the stark realities of running their own trials. Trials are taking longer to complete than originally anticipated, workloads are increasing, and it’s been reported that almost 50% of R&D budgets are now being spent on clinical trials alone. There is an urgent need to address these problems now to ensure success in the future.

An expert team to meet your clinical research needs

Since 2006, we’ve been working with global pharma and biotech companies like yours to provide support with all aspects of clinical operations, project management, and results monitoring. With an extensive network of industry partners covering 75 countries around the world, we deliver the right people, at the right time, with the right skill sets, to help teams like yours scale up in response to rapidly changing needs and requirements.

Ultimately, our mission is to facilitate a strong future for clinical trials by enabling teams to leverage the benefits of international expansion and cross-border research through the provision of effective support services for medical monitoring, pharmacovigilance, and compliance. Delivering your team, your way, in your location, we help you to efficiently and effectively set up your trial while simultaneously minimizing staff costs.

Your clinical trial, in safe hands

Our core ethos is to deliver cost-effective, smart, strategic, and innovative results-driven solutions to our clients, no matter what they need. Specializing in Phase I-IV studies, site startup, monitoring, feasibility, and patient recruitment, our professional full service network covers a broad range of niche study and research areas including rare diseases, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, diabetes, and more.

Why waste valuable time, money, and skills on site setup and operational management? These important resources are best applied to core research tasks so you can focus on aspects of research that really make a difference. By partnering with our dedicated clinical research organization, you can take the pressure off your key talent while having peace of mind that your trial is in safe hands.

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