Virtual Clinical Trials

Maximise trial budget and research effectiveness with virtual clinical trial solutions

Site costs and site overheads make up some of the biggest drains on clinical trial budgets today. It’s estimated that it now costs around $2.5 billion to bring a new drug to market, and we must question how much of that is the direct result of site and site-associated costs. By taking the time to select a cost effective venue, research organizations can successfully minimize their spends, but with site selection commonly taking three months or more, this presents its own set of challenges such as delays in setup and recruitment. So how can pharma companies choose the right venue?

Well, what if we told you that a venue actually isn’t needed at all?

Decentralised clinical trials

In a bid to lower site costs and maximise available budgets, adoption of virtual or decentralized clinical trials is growing. With trials managed from a central office, and clinical associates supplied through the extensive global Virtual Clinical network, necessary tasks can be undertaken remotely with participant monitoring conducted using the latest digital tracking and communication technologies. At Virtual Clinical, we’re proud to be helping to successfully eradicate one of the biggest budgetary sinks across the industry while still facilitating the operation of highly effective clinical trials.

Through our international network of leading industry professionals, we’re able to provide mobile research nurses, experienced local clinical research associates (CRAs), and regulatory assistance experts operating off-site while still delivering massive value.

Virtual Clinical has a proven track record for facilitating virtual and decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) to help promote faster trial participant recruitment and improved trial participant retention. At a time when more than 30% of participants on average are dropping out of trials during the research period, decentralized trials are helping to significantly reduce patient burden. With no need to travel, virtual solutions are showing to increase access to eligible patients, boost patient compliance, and provide motivation for participation. And with digital monitoring providing real time feedback from all over the world, measurement bias is no longer a major cause for concern.

    Greater efficiency, better outcomes

    At Virtual Clinical, we’re ahead of the curve. While virtual clinical trials and decentralized research are both still emerging areas, we’ve set ourselves up as pioneers within the virtual sector, and are amongst the first CROs to offer these remote services. We’re providing the necessary services that biotech companies and pharma businesses need to create a more efficient and effective way of working in the digital world.

    To learn more about the benefits of virtual clinical trials, get in touch with our team who can help you decide if decentralization is right for you. Alternatively, why not consider a hybrid approach, taking advantage of decentralization while also working on-site?